Update on Luton Airport expansion

Planning permission was granted in 2014 for works to increase the throughput of Luton Airport for passengers and planes, enabling a doubling of passenger capacity and 60% more flights per year by 2028 compared to 2011.

Even though the expansion proposals met the criteria for being a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, Eric Pickles CLG declined to “call it in” for proper independent scrutiny, citing “localism” (ie the policy of letting local councils – in this case the airport owner – do what they want regardless of the impact on local people or quality of life).

For example, rather than extra flights being spread throughout the day, the airport operators expect a disproportionate doubling of flights late at night (between 10pm and midnight) and early in the morning between 5am and 7am – because that’s what the airlines want in order fly their planes out and back as many times as possible per day.

Regardless of this big negative impact, with planning permission secured, the airport operators LLAOL look like breaking a key public promise: to tighten up on noise control at night by reducing the level at which the noisiest flights are fined to 80dB in Jan 2015.

Anyone disturbed by unusually loud aircraft or planes flying off their normal track should email noise@ltn.aero to register a complaint. The complaint statistics are reviewed at 3-monthly meetings of the airport consultative committees (see www.llacc.com).

Reasons why people oppose further expansion of Luton Airport

HALE represents people from all areas around Luton who strongly oppose further expansion of Luton Airport. Their main reasons are:

  • The airport is surrounded by rural towns and villages, the noise is intrusive, and its aircraft are getting noisier year on year
  • Voluntary limits on night flying are not working: Luton Airport proposes to double the flights late at night and early in the morning
  • Trains cannot reach the terminal because it is on a hill, so most passengers use cars and taxis, which will add to the crowding on local roads and the M1
  • Aviation is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases, so the objective should be to fly less, not to fly more

This website exposes the truth about the impact of Luton Airport expansion and the lack of adequate controls over noise, pollution and flight paths. Join our campaign to help fight for better mitigation against the effect of more flights, and more respect for the quality of life in local communities.

You can contact us using the email address at the top of this page, and by adding your comments to our updates.


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Luton Airport expansion to go ahead

Luton Airport operators LLAOL have announced that Eric Pickles, Secretary of State, has decided not to call in the expansion plans, meaning that Luton Borough Council can now grant planning permission for works designed to achieve a doubling of annual passenger capacity.

The government is clearly hell-bent on expanding airport capacity in the South East, come what may. Regardless of the fact that 70% of the public who responded to the consultation over Luton Airport Expansion said NO, ignoring the fact that aviation is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases, and despite the application technically constituting a nationally significant infrastructure project, Eric Pickles has failed to call this application in for proper scrutiny.

The airport’s announcement this morning mentions everything except the key local issues: the effect of an extra 9 million passengers per year on the already crowded transport infrastructure, and the effect of noise from 60% more flights. The throwaway comment at the end about being a good neighbour is meaningless unless the airport takes seriously the concerns about noise and puts in place measures to make a difference. That means a Noise Action Plan which has some real bite, and Planning Conditions which control noise over local communities.

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